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Further details about the Wave Festival event.

Is there parking available ?

Yes there is ample free parking available in adjacent fields. You will need to walk about 400 metres across the field however it is flat and should be suitable for most people to walk on as well as prams.


What time does it start ?

Doors open at 10:00am, the first music act starts at 11:00am along with the bars.  Everything else should be open at or shortly after 10:00am.


Do I need to bring a paper ticket ?

You can use a paper ticket or an electronic copy of the ticket on your phone (as long as the scan bar code is available)


Can I leave and re-enter ?

Yes you can leave and re-enter. You will need to use the numbered wristband that is provided when you first enter the event.


Can I buy tickets on the door ?

Probably – we have a fixed capacity and sales are brisk at the moment.  We advise that you don’t take the risk and buy your tickets in advance.


Is the site accessible ?

Yes we have a specific car park within 50m of the event entrance. The event itself is within the Tournaberry golf course driving range which although on grass is flat and relatively smooth.


What free activities will be available ?

Music, story teller,  face painting , toddler area with bouncy castle and space hooper raceway, pedal go karts (adult and child), Whitley Bear, Boogie Mites and crazy golf.


How much will the rides cost ?

For the assault course and Nerf Gun Arena it will cost £5.00 for unlimited use.

Please note the funfair is operated and priced independently of the event, and we have no control over the prices.


Will there be food available ?

Yes we have sourced local vendors to provide a range of food to meet all tastes. These include Cornish cookhouse, Mad Hatters, Jackets Required, Vegan Street Diner, Island ice creams, Aggies treats and Just Slush.


Will there be a bar ?

There will be two bars available serving alcoholic drinks from 11:00am onwards.   These will include pints of lager, ale and cider along with a range of cocktails. Soft drinks will also be available for purchase.


Is drinking water available ?

There will be a drink water tap (you will need to bring your own bottle or container) and free jugs of drinking water will be available at the bar area.  Bottled water can also be purchased for £1.00


Are there toilets ?

Yes there will be 6 portaloos available within the event ?


Can I bring a picnic ?

While we hope you will purchase from our local food vendors you are free to bring a picnic and chairs – to make it an enjoyable day for yourselves. Note: Stoves, alcohol or glass bottles (other than for baby food) will not be allowed into the event.


Can I bring a chair ?

Yes – there is limited seating so you are welcome to bring a chair.


Can I bring a dog ?

Other than guide dogs then unfortunately no. While we appreciate that your dog(s) might be well behaved that is not the case with all owners, and therefore for the everyone’s enjoyment we do not allow dogs.


Can I smoke at the event ?

The event is held on a grass field that can get very dry and liable to catch fire therefore smoking is not permitted in the general event area. However, there will be a dedicated smoking area within the event should you wish to smoke.


Is there security ?

Yes we have hired an accredited local security firm. They will also perform a bag search on entering the event and no alcohol or glass bottles (other than for baby food) will be allowed to be brought into the event area.


Can I get a refund ?

Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis. Please remember that all monies go to local charities and should you not be able to attend your money will go to a good cause.


Will it go ahead if it rains ?

Yes the event will go ahead if it rains. Please remember there are no covered areas and you will need to bring appropriate clothing and umbrellas ?

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