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About Us

Wave is a registered charity (Charity number: 1190803) that helps to provide support for young people on Hayling Island.


After securing the use of the old TSB bank in Mengham in June 2022 we have now refurbished the building to provide a safe and comfortable space for the young people on Hayling Island. We offer:

  • A safe place where young people can meet on a regular basis.

  • A hot meal. 

  • Mental wellbeing support.

  • Amenities to make it an enjoyable experience such as a pool table, cinema area (in the old safe), table football, a craft and art room, computers/printers.

  • Offer life skills from local people and businesses such as bike maintenance, finance, cooking, sewing

  • Run regular events to encourage communication and provide opportunities for young people to get to meet new friends 

We are a small charity run entirely by volunteers who offer their time for free. If you have any questions or feel you can help in anyway please message us via


E-Mail: or

Use Contact Us page

Any help or contribution you can make will be greatly appreciated.


Mental health support ..

WAVE is funding Y services to provide a free mental health support service to any young person (10 to 16) living or going to school on Hayling Island.


This was one of key findings from the research conducted in 2020 and WAVE has raised (through the Wave Festival and other donations) and secured funding to establish this service to meet the needs of young people. 


In the Y Services conducted research it was conclusively identified as a need with 69 young people suffer from mental health issues, 66 young people having/or experiencing bullying and 60 young people have drug related issues.


The support supplied by Y Services and funded by WAVE will support the young people on Hayling through the mental health issues they face to enable them to build the foundation of their emotional and intellectual growth, underpin the development of confidence, independence and a sense of self-worth. 

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